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86. Dave Nelson. Photo: Stuart Littlewood/Ricoh XR7/Ilford Delta 400
Dave has been a competition cyclist since the age of 14 when he was growing up in Cleethorpes, and continued racing in the RAF during service in the Canal Zone. He joined the St Ives Cycling Club in 1985 taking part in time trials and touring, and now competes for veteran standard medals. Photography was a passion from an even younger age - he bought a camera before a bike and won the Beginner's Prize at Grimsby Photographic Club when only 12. He was a member of the St Ives Photographic Club for many years, specialising in black&white. At Grimsby Dave was Quality Control Manager for Findus Frozen Foods and a borough councillor. He remained politically active after moving to St Ives and was secretary of the Huntingdon constituency Labour Party during the 1990s.

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