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64. Mujahid and Dawn Khan, Tang Soo Do martial arts. Photo: Stuart Littlewood/Ricoh XR7/Ilford Delta 400
Tang Soo Do means 'the way of the China hand' and is also known as Korean karate. This martial art-form was brought to Britain in the early 1970s by Steven Coleman, an instructor at RAF Alconbury. The St Ives club, now 30-strong, opened in 1974 at which time Mujahid Khan was already a leading pupil. He became the first Black Belt in Cambridgeshire in 1977. His wife Dawn began training 14 years ago and is now a third 'dan' Black Belt. Mujahid, besides his responsibilities as Master of the St Ives club, is the World Tang Soo Do Association's European Director and Chief Instructor for Great Britain. This year he is taking a team of 77 from Britain to the World Championship in California.

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