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62. Christopher South, broadcaster and journalist. Photo: Stuart Littlewood/Ricoh XR7/Ilford XP2 Super
St Ives listeners have enjoyed Christopher's show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 'for donkey's years' and his entertaining ways are practically part of everyday life. He is also an Assistant Editor of the Cambridge Evening News. The veteran broadcaster kindly invited members of St Ives Photographic Club into the studio to launch the Millennium project and was happy to be snapped as he beamed his programme onto the airwaves. Christopher's wife delights in describing him as a disc jockey but his post-Beatles era knowledge of the subject is non- existent! His quirky hobbies include collecting bits of famous buildings. He has pieces of the Houses of Parliament and the Taj Mahal in his collection. He is dog mad and his spotty dalmatian is a regular listener to his master's show.

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