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61. Peggy Seamark, swan rescue. Photo: Stuart Littlewood/Ricoh XR7/Fuji Neopan 400
Peggy was born in St Ives of local parents and has lived at Victoria Terrace, Hemingford Grey, for over 60 years. She works as the Curator's Assistant at the Norris Museum and Housekeeper at the Free Church She is probably best known for Swan Rescue, which she started in 1993. Since then 1500 swans all over Cambridgeshire have been saved from injuries inflicted mainly by fishing tackle and lead poisoning. Her busy life includes being a parish councillor and vice-chairman of the Hemingford Grey Reading Room Committee. She is also on the committee of the St Ives Civic Society and the Hemingford Grey Preservation Society, and is vice-chairman of the Friends of the Norris Museum. Peggy simply has no time left for her real passion, gardening.

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