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25. St Ives Rowing Club. Photo: Leszek Gawin/Nikon 801/Kodax T-Max 100
St Ives Rowing Club was founded in 1865 by Dr Grove and is reputedly the oldest sports club in the town. A very early member of the club was Mr J. Goldie, the son of the vicar of St Ives, who was the victorious stroke of four consecutive Cambridge University Boat Race crews from 1870. The Cambridge second crew is named 'Goldie' in his memory. In 1930 Mervyn Coote formed a trust and donated the funds to purchase the club's current premises. The son of one of the first trustees of the club, Humphrey Warren, was an Olympic sculler in 1936. After the war he returned to St Ives and became Chairman and coach for the club in the mid-1950s until 1982. It was he who set the club's high standard, hence the 21 international representations since 1971. In the same period club members have won 38 medals (13 gold, 15 silver and 10 bronze) at the National Championships. During the 1980's the club extended its premises, and last year received a Lottery Grant to purchase four boats and 12 oars and was given a boat trailer by Anglia Circuits Ltd. Pictured here are Tim Thomas (captain), Gordon Fuller (chairman) and Julia Gwilt (ladies captain). Tim and Julia both rowed at university before joining the Club. Gordon took up the sport later in life.

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